Test solutions

SystemWeaver Test solutions provides powerful tools for

  • Creating tests from requirements
  • Traceability
  • Test execution
  • Requirements coverage
  • Managing test system and system under test configurations
  • Test results and history analysis
  • Test scripts

Test solutions are centered around two phases; test design and execution. Test design encompasses creating test specifications including test cases that cover the requirements for the system under specification. SystemWeaver provides tools for authoring test cases while maintaining traceability to and keeping track of requirements coverage. 

Test execution entails executing the test specifications and reporting results. Integrated change management facilitates directly reporting defects to development while maintaining traceability to the circumstances under which the defect has occurred. 
Test1.pngStanding on the SystemWeaver platform, requirements solutions have built in version management, configuration management, collaboration, access management and more. In addition, SystemWeaver test solutions are seamlessly integrated with other SystemWeaver solutions such as change management for defect reports, document management, requirements solutions, supplier management and more.

A demo video of the test solutions can be found below