Product line engineering

SystemWeaver product line solutions provides powerful tools for

  • Specifying variability of products and solutions
  • Graphically visualizing specific configurations/variants
  • Generating specifications for specific configurations/variants
  • Parameter management

Even though systems engineering is a complex undertaking, the main problem is not in building one function, or even one system one time. It is in building and maintaining several products over and over again in a cost effective manner. SystemWeaver product line solutions takes it starting point in specifying how the products vary in a feature model. 

Then system specifications such as requirements specifications and component specifications are related to the product variability, i.e., system specifications exist under certain product configurations. In addition, in the detailed solution, parameters used to set different behaviors of the software can be defined in the design and related to the product variability. This allows for managing several different values for parameters depending on product configuration. 
Standing on the SystemWeaver platform, product line solutions have built in version management, configuration management, collaboration, access management and more. In addition, SystemWeaver product line solutions are seamlessly integrated with requirements, design, test solutions and more.