ISO 26262

Similar to all the other modules in SystemWeaver, the ISO 26262 module is an integrated part of the platform. This integration gives complete traceability between the fine-grained information items and facilitates different kind of safety analysis along the whole safety life-cycle. You can find some of the information elements, functionality, and features of the ISO 26262 module below:

Item definition (new development, change analysis)

  • Requirements
  • preliminary architecture
  • interfaces
  • boundaries
  • Legal requirements 
  • Company requirements and patents
  • Other technologies 
  • Arguments such as proven in use
  • Safety Element out of Context (SEooC)

Risk analysis and hazard identification

  • Hazards
  • Situations
  • Modes
  • safety goals
  • ASIL determination
  • change impact analysis
  • versioning
  • configuration
  • context

Functional safety concept

  • Requirements allocation to the safety goals and thereby to the preliminary architecture
  • ASIL inheritance
  • generation of functional safety concept
  • safety goal coverage

Technical safety concept

  • Technical safety requirements
  • allocation to functional safety requirements
  • allocation to hardware and software components
  • generation of technical safety concept
  • hardware metrics
  • failure models

Test and verification: 

  • Test model with more than 20 dedicated view for test case specification and test generation, test management, and coverage views


  • ASIL-specific generated review protocols
  • Review results
  • Management and coverage views

Integration with FMEA and FTA