Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

The SystemWeaver FMEA module is a highly integrated part of the information model where you can conduct design FMEA analysis on your design models or process FMEA analysis on your development or assembly process models. The FMEA grid has both connections to the data model and to the change management module for creating and managing recommended actions. The different instances of an FMEA analysis are handled by the version management, which makes the past FMEA analyses accessible and reportable. You can generate report and view both for the current state of an FMEA and for the longitudinal development of an analysis.

FMEA1.pngThe grid is sortable and filterable based on all the information elements. All activities in an FMEA meeting are supported directly in the grid and there are a number of decision support mechanisms integrated in the view that helps you increase the quality and consistency of your data. Moreover, the concept of reusing the information items such as causes, prevention, and detections is present and accessible directly from the grid.

FMEA2.pngFor managing FMEA analyses, in addition to the regular functionality in the grid and the change management system, SystemWeaver has a Pareto diagram view that also is connected to the tree view. This diagram helps prioritizing and managing the work on preventing and detecting root causes of a failure mode.


Below, Ali Shahrokni presents a short demonstration of the SystemWeaver FMEA solutions



The following video clip shows the use of configurable graphs in combination with the FMEA models. This functionality opens up a new dimension in the visualisation of the FMEA data.