Embedded software component design

Architectural design solutions in SystemWeaver provides powerful tools for

  • Component oriented design
  • Decomposing the system while maintaining the system perspective
  • Defining interfaces
  • Signal consistency
  • Allocation
  • Integrated requirements solutions
  • Graphical representations

Design is decomposed into areas that individual engineers can manage, e.g., design functions. Within these areas, components are created and interfaces defined. Interfaces are global which enables designers to work with one function at the time while still keeping track of that the area integrates with the rest of the system.

Design.pngThe created components are later allocated onto the hardware targets that should run the software. This provides a system view where specifications for developers or suppliers can be generated. 
Allocation.pngStanding on the SystemWeaver platform, requirements solutions have built in version management, configuration management, collaboration, access management and more. In addition, design solutions are seamlessly integrated with other SystemWeaver solutions such as network design, AutoSAR, requirements solutions, document management, code integration and more.