Benefits of SystemWeaver

Managing complexity

As complexity increases, effort increases exponentially. With an integrated information management approach, SystemWeaver decreases complexity in development by increasing control of creation and evolution of information.


Information created in SystemWeaver is primed for use and reuse leading to increased productivity. There are no silos where information gets isolated from development leading to non-value added work.

Seamless integration

All solutions in SystemWeaver are seamlessly integrated since they use one single source of information.


SystemWeaver is a one-stop-shop for systems engineering tool solutions combined with high customization and extensibility.

System perspective

Integrating system information enables leveraging information for generating e.g. system signals, Autosar system extracts, in addition to enabling understanding if the system is consistent, correct and complete.


With a programmable meta model, configurable tools, and an open API, SystemWeaver is highly extensible to cover a vast range of usages.


SystemWeaver builds on an in-memory architecture scaling to large real projects.